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Lexean Ficlet: I Know Who You Are 
24th-Jun-2010 10:05 pm
herohunter by secretvalentine
Author: herohunter
Title: I Know Who You Are
Pairing: Lexean
Genre: MPREG, AU!
Word Count: 4,130
Rating: Not Work Safe!
This one is for lexophilia, who wanted Lex and Dean! Yay! Hope this hits the spot, betrothed!
Author's Notes: This takes place starting after Smallville's Bound and then all the way till the end of Supernatural's Season Five.
****WARNING!! I have * NOT * seen Past Episode 9 of Supernatural's fifth season so far, so please don't go too deeply into the comments! I got the info I needed to write this without getting spoiled, with a zillion thanks to my BFF, ladydreamer! She rocks!
That said, if you've seen all of SPN's Season Five, this will make perfect sense to you! If not, that's okay, too! :P
I really, really loved writing this! If anyone ever wants to make me happy, request Lexean ficlets of me! *draws hearts*

I Know Who You Are

Don't give up on me yet.

Lex rolled his eyes at his own sentimentality and finished his third scotch. Clark had gotten so upset about Lex and his women that Lex had found himself forced to promise he wouldn't do it again. He had even meant it at the time.

Well. The rugged and handsome young thing flirting with him wasn't a girl, so technically, he wasn't breaking his promise. But he was a hypocrite.

"What's your name?" Lex asked, managing not to slur, and was met with a bright smile.

"Lenny. Lenny Kravitz."

Lex had to laugh. "That's a horrible fake name."

The guy shrugged one shoulder and finished his shot, then leaned closer, brushed his lips against Lex's. "Or you can call me Dean."

"I'm Lex."

Dean grinned. Like the billionaire, right. "I'm sure you are," he muttered, and pulled Lex in for a hard kiss. One night without demons, without The Job and without Sam. Without having to pretend that this was not what he really missed, a hard and lean body against his, someone who could give as much as he got with Dean. It didn't happen often, but he would make the most of it before he had to go back out there and save the world.

He pushed his tongue into Lex's mouth, hummed when Lex started sucking on it, and his hands found their way down the expensive suit to squeeze Lex's ass. Lex let out a little moan, and Dean was ready to take him right there, over the counter.

Lex pushed Dean back by his shoulders and met his eyes. "Hotel," he whispered, his eyes wide and his lips red. Dean liked that look on him.

"I'm staying at a shitty motel a few miles away," offered Dean.

"Let's go."


The décor was faded yellow and orange, with dark wood laminate giving the final touch. The headboard was nailed to the wall and the bed was much narrower than he was used to, and noisy. The carpet looked like it had been yellow once, but now was a light shade of brown, and the light coming from the small adjacent bathroom kept flickering on and off. To Lex, the place was perfect.

His last fling had nearly landed him in jail and then had nearly gotten him killed, so he was more than happy to go to a 'shitty motel' and enjoy some anonymity for a change. Dean drove an old Impala so Lex had left his Ferrari in the bar parking lot. He would take a taxi home later.

"You're stronger than you look," Dean commented as he pulled Lex's shirt and pants off, and pushed him down onto the bed.

"I know." He had to be, to survive Lionel and Smallville, all at once. Lex stared up at the ugly popcorn stucco ceiling and then flung a forearm over his eyes and let Dean suck him off. He came with a low, strangled moan and the fingers of his left hand buried in Dean's short hair.

"You're a great cocksucker," Lex said as Dean got up on his knees and yanked off his dark green t-shirt. The pendant on his leather necklace bounced off and back onto his broad chest. Beautiful.

Dean shimmied out of his jeans and crawled over Lex with a grin. "Thanks. I don't get much practice but I take pride in being good at everything I do."

Lex chuckled but when Dean offered up his parted lips for a kiss, Lex raised his head off the pillow and tasted himself in Dean's mouth.

The bed really was noisy, creaking painfully with every one of Dean's thrusts. Lex hung on to the strong shoulders and allowed himself to let go, moaning with the bed, in time with Dean's hard grunts. He came the second time as Dean spilled into him, and then they kissed and kissed like it was going out of style.

Dean planned on ordering them a couple of pizzas, one just for him, but when Lex got up and stalked over to him, his hips swaying and his head tilted slightly back, Dean grabbed him and fucked him against the round motel table. Lex came over the pizza delivery menu but Dean managed to make out the number and call in an order anyway.

After the pizzas, of which Lex ate two slices and Dean ate the rest, Lex pulled Dean back to bed and kissed, teased and sucked him until Dean was nearly coming again. Then Lex stopped and smirked at him. Not one to ever flee from a challenge, Dean pushed Lex on his knees against the permanent headboard and fucked him until Lex screamed as he came.

Two hours later, just before sunrise, Lex woke up from having dozed off. He and Dean lay entwined in the uncomfortable motel bed, sticky and sweaty but somehow, getting up was one of the most difficult things that Lex ever had to do. Dean caught him in the shower and they had sex yet again, but slowly and almost tenderly this time. No promises were made, not requests. Lex had to go and Dean could not stay. One last hard kiss at the motel room door and Lex left, got into the taxi he had called earlier, and went back to his life.


Lex eyed the small black box and chuckled to himself. He was so bad. A creature of habit, no doubt, and bad to the bone. He slipped the box into a padded envelope, wrote a name across the front, and handed it to Lee, his driver, with specific instructions. He then sat back and eyed the quarterly report on his desk, but closed the folder and got up. Maybe Clark would be up for a game of pool or a drive, anything to get his mind off of Dean's red lips and hazel eyes. And Dean's cock. Yes, that, too.


Dean paused with his hand on the doorknob when he heard three quick knocks outside. He opened it slowly, shotgun at the ready hidden behind him, but the man in the black suit simply handed him an envelope and walked away. Curious, Dean read the name Lenny Kravitz on the envelope and could not place the slanted handwriting. Not Sam or Bobby. He opened the envelope anyway.

He frowned at the diamond earrings. What was he supposed to do with them? On the other hand, maybe he could sell them and not have to hustle for money for a little while. And maybe Lex was who he said he was, after all. He pocketed the small jewelry box, got into his car, and drove out of town.


If Lex dry-heaved one more time, he was going to put a price on Dean's head, whoever he was. Granted, there was no way for Dean (or Lex) to have known that Lex's dormant mutation would kick in during their one-night-stand and leave Lex like this, but still. Lex was sick and pissed, and someone might have to die because of it.

He panted on the bathroom floor, wiped a wet washcloth over his face. Pregnant. How was he going to explain that? There was no way he could possibly pull it off and hide it until it was time to have this baby. He touched his lower abdomen, only slightly swollen after two months. A baby. He had seen the ultrasound with his own eyes, or he wouldn't have believed it. Not even Toby, who had performed the exam, believed it yet. Lex let him go with a thick wad of cash; perhaps it was better if Toby thought he was too high to remember what he saw correctly.

Nevertheless, it still left Lex with a proverbial 'bun in the oven' and a growing belly. It was a good thing that his father was in jail and was likely never going to be let out again. Lex was certain that he would be a horrible father, but he was still a step up from Lionel. He would have to be, for his baby's sake.


Dean woke up with a start. He had dreamed of Lex, the guy from a couple of months ago, the one he just hadn't gotten enough of. He had been busy, monsters to kill, curses to destroy, bones to burn, the usual, so it could be that he was just horny and needing to get laid, but that had been his third Lex-dream this week.

He got up, made sure that Sam was still sleeping in the other bed, and stepped out of the very red motel room. Out of the front pocket of his jeans, he pulled out a small diamond earring. The one he had sold had brought him a pretty penny, but he just didn't have the heart to get rid of the other one. With a nostalgic smile, he watched as morning light reflected off the diamond and projected tiny prisms on his chest and face. For a moment, he wished he had left Lex a present, too, but surely the guy had long forgotten him. He put away the earring and went back into the room to wake up his brother and get some breakfast. He was starving.


Lex was famished. It was quite ridiculous for him to be raiding the refrigerator at 3 a.m. in his robe and slippers, but he was so hungry it had woken him up. He cupped his small belly, glad that they had made it through the first trimester. It was supposed to be a crucial period in the pregnancy, when the fetus developed almost all of its vital tissues and organs. Lex had learned to use the ultrasound machine on himself, and it all seemed to be going well with his baby.

The sickness had given way to heartburn mostly, and Lex eyed a jar of pickles with extreme mistrust. He would regret it later, but he grabbed it anyway, and went to find the peanut butter and some cookies. If he was lucky, he could catch up on work while he ate, but if not, he had started resigning himself to the wonders of delegation.

Gabe was a competent and capable ally, and Lex had promoted him so he would have someone he could trust in Metropolis while he stayed at the castle, in Smallville. At this point in his life, Lex had decided that he would do what he could; his baby was more important, and the rest would have to take care of itself.


"Pregnant?" Clark blinked and blinked. "What do you mean, pregnant? Who is she?"

Lex remained calm under the threat of a Clark freakout. He had been there, done that, after all. "There's no she, Clark, I'm pregnant."

"What? You're jo-" Clark frowned and looked down at Lex's belly, then his eyes widened and he looked up again. "Lex! You're pregnant!"

"Which was what I said," Lex noted. He wasn't even going to ask how Clark suddenly accepted it like he had seen it. Another one of his resolutions, like the delegating, was to let mysteries go. He could do it, he hoped, but he still noticed things. Couldn't be helped.

Clark looked even more confused now. "But... How?"

Lex pressed his lips together, hoping he wouldn't tear up as he remembered Dean. He had started getting overly emotional lately, which he hated. "If you must know, I had sex with a man. I didn't know this could happen and, obviously, neither did he, but it did happen." He watched Clark and waited.

"Who... Who's the father?"

Lex opened his mouth, hesitated and then closed it again.

Incredibly, Clark's eyes widened even more. "You don't know?"

"Well, no. I know who it is, I just don't know... His last name, or what he does, or-"

"Lex!" Clark put his hands on his hips. "You're a slut!"

Lex froze. He closed his hands in tight fists at his sides and felt a wave of heat and anger rise from his chest up over his neck, cheeks and ears. He pinched his lips together.

"How dare you?" he started in a quiet, trembling voice. "I have just told you the biggest, most important secret in my life, and that's what you reply to me? I'm scared and alone, and somehow, I expected you to act as my friend, not judge, jury and executioner!"

Clark felt instantly bad. Lex had opened up to him and he had been unable to see past the high horse of his self-serving moral standards. He took a step forward. "Lex, I'm sorry."

Lex shook his head. He knew that his blood pressure had just gone through the roof and that it was bad for the baby, so he just took a step back and then another. "Get out," he whispered. He really was colossally stupid to imagine that Clark would actually help him feel better about anything in his life. He really just needed to be away from Clark.


"Get out of my house right now!"

After he was alone, Lex looked around the study, searching for something to break, to throw against the wall, but then thought twice about it. He took off his shoes, sat on the thick rug in front of the fireplace, and worked on getting his breathing back to normal. No more breaking and smashing; he needed to be an adult for his baby's sake. He could do this.


"Where the hell did it go?" Dean asked himself, searching frantically in his pockets for it.

"Where did what go?" Sam asked, glancing up from his laptop, then pausing when he saw how worried Dean looked. That didn't look good. "What did you lose? Dean, don't tell me you lost the Colt again!"

"What?" Dean dropped to his knees and looked under his bed and then Sam's. "I never lost the Colt to begin with, but no, I didn't lose the Colt! Will you relax?"

Sam frowned. "How can I relax when you look like you lost your soul or something over there?"

Dean gave him a flat look and went back to his search. "My soul's been lost a long time ago, Sammy. Don't you worry about-"

"Dean. Is this what you're looking for?" Sam held the diamond earring in his hand, studied it. "An earring?"

"Gimme that!" Dean rushed to it and snatched it from his brother's hand, looked it over with worry.

Sam looked intrigued. "Since when do you wear earrings?"

"I don't. I-" Dean eyed his brother and felt himself blushing, then shoved the earring in his pocket and went to sit far, far away from Sam. "I don't! It's nothing, all right? Nothing important."

"Really?" Sam shook his head. Dean sure was weird sometimes. "A present from a girl?"

Dean sunk in his heat and avoided Sam's eyes. "Never mind that. What did you find out about this apparition so far?" He cleared his throat, hoping that Sam would get back to work and forget all about the earring.


The end of his sixth month of pregnancy found Lex moving back to Metropolis. He had accepted Clark's apology after many requests, but the castle had grown too big and too cold for him. He wanted his baby to be born in a place where he felt at home, and that really had always been Metropolis to him. In Smallville, love and friendship had always felt conditional upon his following their rules, doing what they wanted. In Metropolis, big and impersonal as the city was, there was no pretense of love and care for Lex Luthor. He liked this honesty better.

He put on a cap and visited baby clothes shops without being recognized; everyone just assumed he was a beer-loving dad buying stuff for his coming baby. Lex bought every single onesie and baby bootie himself, and he loved doing it. He bought the nursery furniture online and was careful not to strain himself putting it together. Cook and Lee helped, and Lex read up on pregnancy and delivery to make sure he was ready for the big day.

Around Christmas, Clark came to visit and leave the baby a present; a small stuffed cow, and he and Lex ate the pie that Martha had sent with him. It was good to sit with his friend and talk, but Lex was glad he had left Smallville and its small town drama. Clark and Lana had broken up again, Jonathan was thinking of running for state senator of all things, and yet another metahuman had fallen in love with Chloe and nearly killed her. By the time that Clark told Lex his big secret, it didn't seem so big for Lex. He had more wondrous things to think about, growing right inside him.


Years Later

Dean stared at the newspaper clipping until his eyes blurred. Lex Luthor, his Lex from that crazy night in that cheap motel, looked great in the small, black and white photo. Shoving the clipping into his jacket pocket, he started the engine and drove like there was no tomorrow. Because there might not be.


Lex sat up, startled at a noise he thought he had heard. He looked down at his child sleeping next to him and got out of bed, picking up the baseball bat he kept by his bedroom door, just in case. The penthouse was much safer than the Smallville castle had ever been, but there still were metahumans who confused Lex with his late father, and Lex had stopped having guns in the house after he'd had the baby. Thus the bat, and Lex stalking his own hallway barefoot, to make sure he had just imagined the noise. But he hadn't.

The man stood by the glass balcony doors, his face hidden in the darkness of the living room. Lex's heart drummed inside his chest as he tiptoed towards him, hoping he could knock out the intruder and call security without waking up his little angel.

"Lex?" the intruder suddenly called, and the voice tugged at Lex's memory, but he did not stop. He had to stop this man before he harmed Lex's-

"Lex!" The man held up his hands. "It's me, Dean. Remember?"

Lex stopped, bat still held high. Without taking his eyes off the darkened figure, he moved close to a light switch and flipped it on. He nearly dropped the bat, but managed to lower it slowly to the floor.


"Yeah." Dean looked sad as he carefully approached Lex. "It's me."

"How did you find me? How did you get in here?" Lex suddenly wished he had been wearing more than just his pajamas.

"I saw your picture on the paper. I... Don't blame your staff; talking my way into places is a way of living for me."

Lex licked his lips. His heart still had not slowed up, not even a bit. "I thought I'd never see you again," he said softly.

Dean raised his right hand and touched Lex's cheek tenderly, like he had in the small shower, looked him in the eye. "I just had to see you one more time."

"I'm not complaining," Lex explained to him, not moving away from Dean's touch. "You could have come sooner. I wanted to find you, but I knew less than nothing about you." He really should have tried anyway, he suddenly thought.

"No, it's good that you didn't. I couldn't have kept you safe. I can't..." He shook his head. "I can't stay long."

"Is there a Mrs. Dean out there?" Lex asked, regretting it immediately. He had sounded like a jealous lover, he was sure of it.

Dean didn't seem to have noticed it. He shook his head again. "No. And there hasn't been anyone like you, either. I just couldn't forget you."

Lex covered Dean's hand with his. "Stay a while, then. I want you to meet someone."

"I can't. Lex, I don't know if I'm going to come back. I don't know if I'll survive, but I just had to see you one more time."

"Survive?" Lex frowned deeply. "Dean, what's going on?"

Dean lowered his head. He moved his hands to Lex's chest, up his pajama shirt, and pulled Lex in for a kiss, a hard and almost bitter press of his lips against Lex's. "I can't tell you, I'm sorry," he muttered against Lex's lips.

"I can help you," Lex told him firmly, but Dean would not hear of it.

"No. You need to stay safe. I need to know that you're safe. Promise me."

Lex had no idea what was happening, but Dean seemed deadly serious, so he nodded. "I promise. What are you going to do?"

Dean let out something like a snort, but much lower and dryer. "Something dangerous and stupid, but no one else can do it. But I promise that-"


Lex spun around to find the little one looking up at him with curious, hazel eyes. "Lenny!" he ran to his two-year-old son and picked him up off the cold floor even though Lenny was wearing socks. "Did Papa wake you up, hm? Or did you miss me?" he spoke softly and the smile that brightened his face made him even more beautiful than Dean remembered.

"I miss you!" Lenny replied with a smile of his own, then noticed Dean there and hid his face in the crook of Lex's neck.

Lex took his son over to meet Dean. "Dean, this is Lennox. I call him Lenny for short."

"Hi, Lenny." Dean managed a small smile. Hearing the nickname Lex had given his son almost made him happy. Almost.

"Can you say hi to Dean, Lenny?" Lex asked in a loving tone.

Lenny spied Dean, curious and shy. "Hi, Dean," he said obediently.

"Hello." The newspaper article had mentioned a son but not his name, nor his pretty red hair or hazel eyes. Dean liked the kid immediately and once he realized that fact, his heart broke even more. He could not fail Lex and his son.

Lex chewed on his lower lip. He had to tell Dean the truth, but Dean was already stepping backwards towards the front door.

"I need to go. Remember me, Lex."

"Dean, what-"

Dean approached him again, touched Lenny's hair and placed a soft kiss on Lex's lips. "I'll make sure you and your son are protected, I promise."

Lex watched him go, held Lenny a little tighter, and hoped that someday Dean would return to them.


Metropolis. Dean had thought he'd never see this town again and yet here it was, unchanged when he was so different, so... Hollow. The Apocalypse was over and Dean... Well, he had survived it, but only just.

He wasn't even sure why he'd come back.


"I do it!" Lenny demanded, and turned another page of his dinosaur book. He cherished his independence and turning pages was something he knew how to do very well. He didn't need Papa's help with that.

Lex chuckled and caressed his son's hair, looked up at the blue sky. Things had been strange for a while, but the world seemed to be bouncing back to normal now. He sat back and smiled softly as people walked around Centennial Park, children played, and Lenny informed him that the next dinosaur was big and blue!

When Lex spotted the old black car parked across the stretch of lawn from their bench, his heart stopped, or that was what it felt like. He could see the driver inside but Dean did not seem to have seen him. Lex gave Lenny's forehead a kiss, told Mercy to stay with his son, and got up. He walked up to the Impala and slowly touched Dean's shoulder.

Dean jumped at the touch and looked up, managed to relax a little.

"Hey," Lex said softly.

Dean did not smile. "Hey." He let Lex open the door for him and when Lex took his hand and gently pulled, Dean stepped out of his car.

"I'm glad you're back." Lex gave Dean's shoulder a little squeeze.

"I'm not sure..." Dean exhaled. "I don't know who I am anymore."

Lex nodded slowly. "I know how that feels. Don't worry. I know who you are."

Dean stared into Lex's eyes, hope and hopelessness showing all at once as he frowned. "Who am I?"

"You're Dean," Lex told him with certainty. "You're my lover. And you're Lenny's father."

"I... What?"

Lex smiled. When he tugged on Dean's hand, Dean started walking with him, still looking a little lost, but possibly believing that Lex would know which way to go from here.



And please remember: Kindly don't spoil me about after episode 9 of Supernatural's Season Five! *winks*
25th-Jun-2010 01:39 am (UTC)
Awesome *g* I love Lex in this. The encounter in the hotel room was HOT. Two strong personalities both knowing what they want and how to get it. *Sigh* Although Lex got a little more than he bargained for. *g*

Dean panicking when he thought he had lost the earring was perfect. I have such a soft spot for this pairing.

I waited up to read this and it didn't disappoint. Its 2.35am here and I am off to bed. Unfortunately I have work in the morning..:(
25th-Jun-2010 01:47 am (UTC)
Haha! Lex certainly did get more than he was expecting! *winks*

I have such a soft spot for this pairing.
You know what, hon? So do I! It's like you said, two strong personalities and they're so different, but they have great chemistry, I feel!

I'm so glad you liked it! I'm sorry you had to wait till so long! Sweet Lex and Dean dreams, babe! THANKS!!!
25th-Jun-2010 07:39 am (UTC)
I just LOVE this pairing, you know? I like this story very much...and maybe a little more? *BIG HOPEFUL PUPPY EYES* <3
27th-Jun-2010 07:34 pm (UTC)
You got it, babe! So glad you're enjoying them, yay!!

28th-Jun-2010 05:27 am (UTC)
Yay Lex /Dean fic! I couldn't get to the beginning of the other Lex/Dean fic you wrote so this is so cool to start from scratch! Off to read more. -K:)
31st-Jul-2010 10:28 am (UTC)

What do you mean you couldn't get to the beginning? You couldn't find it?

28th-Jun-2010 01:51 pm (UTC)
Omg! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Lex/Dean has been my secret OTP for a few years and to finally have fic about them is almost too good to be true. I've been sitting here for like five minutes, and I can't even form a coherent thought. You've made me stupid with how awesome this is.

I love this. I love you!
28th-Jun-2010 09:54 pm (UTC)
I love this pairing. So HOT together. you just fullfilled my favourite kinks, namely bottom lex and mpreg lex.
31st-Jul-2010 10:33 am (UTC)
Eee! If I got some kinks fulfilled, I'm happy! Thanks for letting me know, hon!!

29th-Jun-2010 04:13 pm (UTC)
Woot for the Lex/Dean fic.
I loved it!
31st-Jul-2010 10:31 am (UTC)
Yaaay! Thanks, sweets, I'm happy you liked it!!

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