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Lexean Ficlet: Take Your Time (Part 2 of: I Know Who You Are) 
27th-Jun-2010 04:33 pm
herohunter by secretvalentine
Author: herohunter
Title: Take Your Time (Part 2 of I Know Who You Are )
Pairing: Lexean
Genre: MPREG, AU!
Word Count: 4,764
Rating: Not Work Safe!
For lexophilia, fruitbat00, elikiros, and all my darlings who love Lexean! They're not a very popular pairing but those of us who love them together, love them! ; )
Author's Notes: This takes place after Supernatural's Season Five.

Take Your Time

The second time that Dean saw Lenny, his son, was at Centennial Park, in Metropolis. Lex had just dropped the bomb on him and yet, Dean felt like he had always known, in a detached kind of way. Lenny was much friendlier this time, offering his hand for Dean to shake, clearly imitating what he'd seen Lex do many times, and handing Dean his dinosaur book. He demanded it back minutes later, but Lex assured Dean that it was normal. They headed up to Lex's penthouse soon afterward.

"You nicknamed him Lenny, huh?" Dean asked as they rode in the elevator.

"Yes," Lex replied with a smile. He had the two-year-old in his arms so Dean was carrying Lenny's baby bag. He had handed the keys to the Impala for Mercy, Lex's bodyguard, to park it. Dean was under the instant impression that Mercy would die before she disobeyed an order from Lex.

"After a singer I met once," Lex continued, and Dean was glad that he hadn't chosen Dio or Ozzy that night. If he had, his son might have ended up with a name like Diogenes or Osbert. That would have sucked.

The penthouse looked bright and clean during the day. When Lex and Lenny took off their shoes by the front door, Dean pulled off his boots and left them there as well. An older lady greeted them in the hall and Lex introduced her to Dean as Cook.

"Your name is Cook?" Dean asked incredulously.

She shook her head and laughed. "Goodness, no! But I don't like my name, so everyone calls me Cook!"

"What's your-"

Cook held up a hand. "We never speak it. And if Lex tells you, he'll be eating broccoli for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a year!"

"My lips are sealed," Lex promised lightly. "Cook, could you give Lenny his bath? Dean and I need to talk."

She nodded and took Lenny from him. "Come on, little angel. Say bye-bye to Papa and Dean!" To Lex, she added, "I'll play with him and get him ready for bed. Take your time."

Lex kissed Lenny's hair and smiled. "Thank you, Cook."

"Bye-bye, Papa!" Lenny said cheerfully as Cook carried him to his room.

"Come on." Lex resumed walking down the hall and Dean followed after him.


Lex's bedroom was spacious but not too heavily furnished. There was a king-size bed with nightstands, a dresser and a small breakfast table with two chairs near double glass doors that lead to a large balcony outside.

"Let me get your coat," Lex told Dean, and stepped behind him to do just that. Dean continued to look around the room, decorated in tones of purple but not overly done. It was soothing. There were framed pictures of Lenny on the dresser, and nothing seemed to be out of place. Dean was starting to suspect that Lex was a neat freak.

Lex took Dean's coat and his own jacket to his walk-in closet and returned with a couple of folded towels. "Would you like to take a shower?"

"Do I stink?" Dean asked, then made a show of sniffing himself.

"No. But you do look like you need to relax, and that is as good a place to start as any."

"Good point." Dean took the towels and walked to Lex's bathroom, near the walk-in closet.

As the hot water hit his head and shoulders, Dean closed hie eyes and tried not to think. He didn't want to think of the past or the future, and he definitely didn't want to think of the present. What the hell was he doing here? Why had he come back to Metropolis, to Lex? It was not like he could forget-

"These are all I have for now," Lex said behind Dean, startling him and making him spin around.

Dean eyed the colorful bottles of shampoo and conditioner in Lex's hands. They were clearly for babies, but Dean had long ago learned not to be picky. He opened the glass shower door, took the bottles and went back to his shower.

He couldn't say he hadn't thought about it, but he was still surprised when Lex joined him minutes later.
Dean turned and faced Lex, hands raised to his head as he worked the shampoo into his hair. "Uh... Hi."

"Hi, there." Lex raked his eyes down Dean's body, so firm and muscular, and stepped closer.

"I don't know if I can stay," Dean waned, but Lex did not seem to worried.

"Stay if you can, go if you have to." Lex grabbed the shower gel, poured some on his hand and then started to spread it over Dean's body. "You're here now. Be here."

Dean nodded. He wanted to. He had missed Lex. Hell, he still had that one stupid diamond earring! When Lex stepped closer still, Dean lowered his hands and rested them on Lex's hips. His thumbs dragged up and down Lex's hipbones and his eyes fell to Lex's lips.

"Do you want to kiss me, Dean?"

Dean nodded again, slowly, almost afraid that any sudden movement would scare Lex away. "Hell, yeah."

Bur Lex did not scare to easily, apparently, because he rubbed the tip of his nose against Dean's, and smiled softly.

"Then kiss me."

Dean could hardly be blamed for crashing his mouth against Lex's and pushing Lex against the tiled wall, hard. And by the way that Lex kissed back and grabbed a hold of Dean's lathered hair to keep him there, it was clear that Dean was not going to be blamed at all.

On moment Dean felt numb and dead and the next, he was hard and alive, spinning Lex around and rubbing his cock against Lex's pale, lean ass. He wanted to have Lex again, to be with him.

Lex spread his legs, braced his hands on the wall, and looked over his shoulder at Dean. "Pull out before you come, unless you want Lenny to have a sibling right away."

Dean's eyes widened and he paused with this tip of his cock ready to enter Lex's hole. "Oh. Right." He then went for it, groaning with pleasure as Lex moaned deliciously against him. With his right hand on the nape of Lex's neck and his left hand snaking around Lex's body to join Lex's in jacking off, Dean managed to forget everything and everyone else, and just remember Lex.


"You make me weak at the knees," Dean told Lex, his left cheek resting on Lex's shoulder.

"Hmm, good... Wouldn't want you running off right away..."

Dean shook his head. "I couldn't even if I wanted to." His right hand was spreading his own come over the small of Lex's back. If he had his way, Lex would never wash it off. Lex laughed softly. He let Dean play for a little while, then turned to face him again and gave him a long, slow kiss. Dean hummed inside Lex's mouth. Lex was the best kissed he had ever met, hands down.

"Mm..." Lex pulled back and ran his fingers though Dean's hair, now spiky because of the unwashed shampoo. "Let's rinse off, hm? You must be getting hungry."

"I must be," agreed Dean. He was, in fact, starving, now that Lex had mentioned it. So Lex was going to wash it off, was he? Well, Dean was just going to have to get it on him again.


They wore matching robes, dark purple with LLs embroidered on them; Lex wore his own and Dean wore Lex's spare one. Lex had left the shower first and by the time Dean came out into the bedroom, the table had been set with sandwiches and beer for him, and a salad and wine for Lex. Someone had brought the duffel with his clothes from his car, too. It now sat by the door of Lex's walk-in closet.

Dean tried not to eat like a pig at first, but he was really hungry. In any case, Lex did not seem to mind that Dean wolfed down half a sandwich in two bites; he was busy picking at his salad.

"Is that all you're eating?" Dean asked after his second sandwich.

"I don't eat much."

"I wouldn't either, eating that. Try this."

Lex looked ready to say no, then eyed the sandwich and took a bite. "Hm. Not bad."

"Right?" Dean took a smaller bite this time and held it up again. "One more."

Lex, still chewing, shook his head.

Dean was having none of that. "Come on. A little bit of cheese and whatever else is in this never killed anyone."

Lex swallowed, chuckled and shook his head, but he took another bite. Just then, there was a knock on the door and Cook came in with Lenny in her arms.

"You're making him eat!" she exclaimed, giving Dean a delighted smile. "I may never let you leave!"

"It wasn't that difficult," Dean assured her, when what he really wanted to say was, Who says I'll want to leave?

"Hey, pumpkin!" Lex took Lenny, who looked adorable in a light blue, buttoned up footed pajamas, and pretended to munch on his son's neck until Lenny was giggling and squealing happily.

Cook cleared the table and left the room with a smile, making Dean wonder how often Lex got visitors who wore his extra robe, and who the hell those people were. Suddenly, he just couldn't let it go.

"So... Do you get many people in here?" he asked, tugging on the front of the robe to show Lex exactly what he meant by in here.

Lex blinked at him, then sat back and sobered up. He still bounced Lenny on his knee. "Dean. I haven't been with anyone since Lenny was born. Before that, I was too busy being pregnant to go out on dates."

Dean eyed the redheaded baby on Lex's lap and it finally clicked. "He's... He's really mine, isn't he?"

"Yes, he is. I had him, but you and I made him together. I didn't know it could happen at the time, but I can't say I regret it. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me."

Not satisfied, not completely, Dean frowned. "Then how come Cook acts like this happens all the time?"

"Because she's been with me long enough to be used to the bizarre, and I may have screamed your name once or twice while I was pushing him out. She was there, she helped me. Besides, Lenny has your eyes and your chin. She'd have to be blind not to know who you are."

It hit Dean like a ton of bricks. He had a son. He looked at Lenny and when the baby looked back at him, he could see it, too, finally. His child, right here, watching him. He held out his hands and as Lenny leaned forward, Dean caught him.

"Hi, son," he muttered, his eyes filling with tears of love, even if he did not cry. "I'm your daddy."

"Daddy?" Lenny asked, and grabbed Dean's chin with his left hand, mostly because it was within reach. "Daddy!"


After Lenny fell asleep between them in bed, Dean went with Lex to put him in his crib. Lenny's room was beautifully decorated, the type of room that Dean would have wanted a son of his to have. He wouldn't have been able to afford it, so it was a good thing that Lex could.

They went back to the bedroom together. Lex took off his robe and got into bed, and Dean followed suit. They met in the middle and faced each other, touched each other's faces lightly.

"You don't know me," Dean said after a while.

Lex shook his head. "No. But I'd like to."

Dean took a deep breath and nodded. "My name is Dean Winchester. I was born here in Kansas, in Lawrence. You?"

"I was born right here, at Metropolis General. Apart from Lenny, I don't have any family left."

Dean felt his throat tighten. Yeah. "What happened?"

"Hm, let's see... My mother suffocated my baby brother with a pillow to protect him from my father. She later died of heart disease, or so my father said. He had his parents killed in a fire for the insurance money and when I found that out, he had my brain fried to erase my memory. I eventually recovered it and put him in prison for life. He died behind bars, of an incurable liver condition. I have a half brother that I only found out about years later, but he's gone missing years ago."

"Wow, Lex."

Lex nodded. "You might as well know it upfront, and from me. What about your family?"

Dean gave Lex's hand a kiss before he answered. "My mom died in a house fire, trying to save my little brother's life. My dad... He died to save my life. I had a half-brother, too, but I've lost both him and my baby brother recently." It was the short version and that was hardly fair to Lex, but it was all that Dean could say right now without falling apart. Perhaps later, if he stayed...


Dean opened his eyes to find Lex watching him. He blinked himself a little more awake. "I must have dozed off..."

"You're allowed to doze off," Lex assured him. His eyes lowered to Dean's chest and Dean looked down to see Lex tracing the tattoo on the upper left side of his chest, the pentagram surrounded by sun rays. "I remember this. What does it mean?"

"Um." Dean cleared his throat. "It's protection against demonic possession."

Lex did not miss a beat. "Sounds potentially useful." He moved his hand up and over Dean's shoulder, rested it on the burn scar he found there, in the shape of a hand. "This one is new. How did you get it?"

Dean felt his heart beating faster at Lex's question. He was just starting to feel like he might have stayed a while. He pushed himself up and rested his head on his right hand. No more lying. "I made a deal with a demon to bring my little brother back from the dead. A year later I got sent to hell for it. An angel pulled me out of hell months later. This is the scar I got from the rescue." He steeled himself and waited to get kicked out of Lex's bed and life.

Lex said nothing for a long moment. He sat up and studied the scar, ran a thumb across it, sighed. He met Dean's eyes again, deadly serious. "I know an alien. His planet imploded, apparently, and he was sent here. It was during his arrival that I lost my hair. He can fly and shoot fire from his eyes, among other things but otherwise, looks perfectly human. The radiation that turned me into a metahuman, a mutant, also prevents me from ever getting sick. I believe the mutation I suffered is what allowed me to give birth to Lenny."

"An alien? Really?" Dean let out a soft chuckle. "I didn't think they were real."

"Yes, well. They're very real. I was possessed by one once. It wasn't fun."

Dean took a deep breath. "And I thought I was the one with the unbelievable stories between us!"

Lex smiled softly. "I'm sure you are. And whenever you feel like sharing them, I'm here."

"Lex, I-"

"Dean. I know what a broken man looks like. I've seen the same look in you that I used to see in my own reflection for years." Lex cupped Dean's face with one hand and moved in to give him a soft kiss. "Take your time. I'm not going anywhere."

That night, Dean cried himself to sleep in Lex's arms.


"Boss, there's something you need to see."

Hope's clipped tone had Lex up and following after her in an instant. He and Dean had been enjoying breakfast at the covered balcony adjacent to the bedroom with Lenny, who had wanted Dean to pick him up when they came to get him from his crib in the morning.

"I'm going with you," Dean told him, and handed Lenny to Cook. She had looked really happy to have someone around who liked to eat, for a change, and had said as much to Dean.

Hope gave Dean a suspicious look, but Lex assured her that it was fine, and she stepped aside so that Dean could get in the elevator with Lex. Lex did not ask what she had found, and she did not bring it forth, so Dean guessed it would just have to wait until they got where there were going.

Down in the garage, Scary Mercy, as Dean had already secretly dubbed her, was standing by the Impala, its trunk wide open. He approached the car with Lex and Hope, rubbing his forehead with one hand. He already knew what this was all about.

In the trunk, Lex saw a bona fide arsenal, an assortment of guns, shotguns, sheath knives, a machete, a sniper rifle, tasers, bags of rock salt, and even an MGL-140 40mm grenade launcher. He arched an eyebrow and ran his fingers over a particularly fine piece, a semi automatic chromed Browning 1911 with ivory grips attached to the side of the trunk. He pulled it out of its sleeve with his left hand, turned to his side, and aimed it at a corner of the garage.

Nobody jumped as Lex took the shot, even though it rang loudly and echoed through the ample garage while he stuck to his follow-through for a few seconds. He then spun back to Dean and handed him the pistol to be put away again. "Nice. I've become partial to Berettas myself. Mercy, Hope. Leave Mr. Winchester's trunk intact. Those are the tools of his trade."

The two women looked mildly impressed, which Dean would discover in time, meant that they were incredibly impressed. They stepped aside for Lex to head back to the elevator.

"This is Lee, my driver," Lex said as Dean joined him again, and the man in the dark suit waiting by the elevator doors gave Dean a nod. The doors closed and they were going up again. "And that's all my staff, or the trusted few. I also have a V.P. and a personal assistant, and a doctor on call, but he's someone I hope you never had to meet."

"Why not?"

Lex smirked. "He's a dope-headed hippie. But he patches me up when it's too bad."

Dean frowned. "How often does that happen?"

"It's gotten better, actually, but I used to be kidnapped or attacked on a weakly basis back when I lived in Smallville and my father was alive. Needless to say, I'm more careful now, for Lenny's sake. I don't have guns up in the penthouse because of him, except for what Mercy and Hope carry, and what's locked in my safe."

"That explains the baseball bat by the bedroom door."


Dean slowly grinned. "You look good with a gun in your hand, Lex."

"Do I?" Lex approached him and wrapped his arms around Dean's waist. "Am I finding out a kink of yours here?"

"It's new to me, too," Dean confessed as he hugged Lex back. "But yeah. Maybe."

"Hmm. We should go to my firing range someday."

Dean arched his eyebrows. "You own a firing range?"

Lex's smirk only deepened. "I own most of this city, Dean."

"Oh." Dean pressed up against Lex playfully. "That's damn sexy."

Lex laughed softly, but stopped when Dean began to seriously kiss him.


"Holy crap. This is definitely no cubicle."

Lex chuckled and let Dean wander through his large office overlooking most of Metropolis. He set Lenny down into his playpen, handed him a couple of favorite toys, and went to his desk. "I'm ready, Amanda," he said into the intercom after looking over some notes left on his desk.

A young woman with short blond hair and incredibly long legs stepped into Lex's office, her white shoes clicking as she approached Lex's desk with a larger version of a palm reader in her hand. Her entire outfit was white, a professional skirt-jacket suit combo that enhanced her generous hips and breasts quite nicely. She went right to business.

"The Japanese are expecting an appearance at the inauguration of the LexCom HD TD7 division, Lex, and the presentation of the LexWing III was set for the 26th."

Lex ran a hand over his mouth and typed a few keys to get his agenda up on his computer. "That's calling it close, don't you think?"

She checked her portable computer and shook her head. "Tech says they can get it done."

"You put too much faith in people Amanda," Lex replied, but his tone of voice made it clear that he was being sarcastic. "All right. Is Gabe around? I want him to meet someone." He motioned towards Dean, who was still admiring Lex's assistant's legs. "This is Dean Winchester. I want him to be granted the same access level as Clark."

Amanda turned her head to assess Dean, or at least that was what it felt like to Dean. "A pleasure, Mr. Winchester," she said coolly.

"Dean. The pleasure's all mine."

She turned back to Lex. "I'll have him in the system within the hour." She then walked to Dean and held her computer up to his eyes. "Please look in the blue box, Dean. Now place the palm of your right hand on the screen. Now the left. Thank you." With that, Amanda Theron left Lex's office, taking her perfectly perky ass with her.

Dean sighed as the door closed behind her.

Lex chuckled. "She's single," he informed Dean. "But she may or may not be an android."

"You're not sure?" Dean asked with amusement.

"I am. I'm just not telling you."

"Aw." Dean knelt by Lenny's playpen and caressed the top of his head. "Papa's jealous," he joked.

"Papa?" Lenny asked, and pushed himself up to look at Lex.

"I love you, pumpkin," Lex informed Lenny with a loving smile.

"I Love Papa!" Lenny shot back happily.

Dean walked over to Lex's desk and squatted next to his chair. "What was that about with the blue box and taking my palm prints, anyway?"

"Iris scanning, fingerprinting, the usual," Lex told him. "That way you'll have access to home and here even if I'm not with you. This isn't a very easy building to get into."

Just to contradict Lex, there was a knock on the door and a tall, dark and handsome young man was stepping inside. "Lex?"

Lex's face brightened up. "Clark! Come on in!"

"Cak!" Lenny exclaimed and started jumping excitedly against the playpen soft side. "Cak, Cak!"

"Hey there, big guy!" Clark rushed to Lenny, picked him up, and spun him around a couple of times, for the baby's delight. When Clark brought Lenny to his chest, Lenny grabbed his cheeks and smiled adoringly at him. Clark laughed happily. "I've missed you this week! How are you doing? Being good for Papa?"

Lenny nodded deeply and started a garbled account of his days, none of which made much sense, but Clark listened with attention and nodded and commented like he understood everything. It was the most Dean had heard the kid speak so far.

Dean stood and watched Lex go over to Clark and give him a quick hug. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and frowned. Who was this guy?

Seconds later, when Clark noticed Dean by Lex's desk, he leaned back and blinked several times. "Oh. Hi."


Lex went back to Dean and stood by him. "Dean, I want you to meet my best friend, Clark Kent. Clark, this is Dean Winchester. Lenny's father."

"Oh!" Clark blinked some more, speechless for a moment. "Daddy," Lenny confirmed as he pointed to Dean. Clark gave Lenny's cheek a kiss, then put him back down in his playpen and went to shake Dean's hand. "Nice to meet you, Dean."

"Same here."

"Dean came back into town yesterday," Lex offered. "Clark is a reporter at the Daily Planet."

Dean eyed the man in the shirt and tie and glasses. So this was the guy with same access level as he? Huh.

Clark let go of Dean's hand and just stared at him for a moment, then turned to Lex with a puzzled expression on his face. "Um..."

"What?" Lex asked. Okay, so Dean wore jeans and a t-shirt, hardly something that Clark had ever seen on a Lex-date, but-

"You're kidding, me, right?" Clark finally asked. "Lex, don't tell me you don't see it."

"Don't see what, Clark?"

"He--he looks a lot like Jason, Lex! His hair's a little darker and he's older, but-"

"Who's Jason?" Dean asked, confused now.

Lex eyed Dean and tilted his head to the side a little. "Hm. Yes, a little." He let out a chuckle. "He's nothing like Jason, Clark, believe me. Jason was weak."

Not that Dean didn't appreciate the compliment, but he cleared his throat and arched one eyebrow at Lex.

"Oh, right. Jason Teague was a childhood friend of mine, Dean. We met again in Smallville and he worked for me for a while. He died in the second meteor shower, when a meteor fell on him. He was trying to kill Clark's parents at the time."

"Wow. Sounds like a great guy," Dean commented sarcastically.

Lex shook his head. "I wouldn't blame him too much. His mother happened to be the female version of my father, if not worse. He never managed to get out from under her reign, poor guy."

"I don't pity him," said Clark with a bit of a huff. "He slept with Lana and then turned around and-"

Lex had to laugh at that. He grabbed Clark's arm and shook his head. "Jason never slept with Lana, Clark. She offered, he said no. He slept with me. Again." He turned to Dean again. "We were in prep school together, years before."

Dean nodded, but Clark didn't seem so accepting of the revelation. "Lex!" he practically squawked. "How could you? He and Lana were dating!"

"I know, I know. I'm a whore, remember?"

Clark twisted his lips to one side. "Okay, when are you gonna let that one go?"

Lex smirked, amused. "Not just yet, Clark. Not just yet."

Dean leaned his head slightly closer to Lex's. "I've been called a man-whore before, too."

"Have you? Takes one to know one, hm?" Lex smiled and gave Dean's lips a quick kiss. "Let's hope this dark past is behind you?"

"I think so, yeah," Dean replied with a large grin.

Clark rolled his eyes and went back to Lenny. "Okay, big guy, let's get out of here!" He picked Lenny up and went to grab his baby bag.

Since Lex did not protest, Dean felt only mildly worried. "Uh, Lex?"

"Yes, Dean?"

"Where's he taking our son?"

Clark was gently taking Lenny's hand and waving bye-bye to them, walking backwards toward the door. Lex waved bye-bye back. "Probably for a walk in the park, or to see his parents. Don't worry; no one else on the planet would be able to keep Lenny as safe as Clark can."

I know an alien. He can fly and shoot fire from his eyes, among other things but otherwise, looks perfectly human. Dean hugged Lex from behind and nodded as they watched Clark and Lenny disappear behind the brushed glass doors. "Oh. Gotcha."



"Lex... Lex!"

"Don't stop, Dean, don't stop, don't--ah!"

Dean pressed his forehead to Lex's shoulder and prayed that he could hang on just until Lex was done, but Lex's body was squeezing his cock as he came, his lips brushing against Dean's ear as he moaned so obscenely, so-

"Oh! Oh, Lex!" Dean managed to pull out just as he started to come. He pushed up against Lex, whose legs were wrapped tightly around his hips, and pumped and came hard onto Lex's abdomen, grunting and holding on to Lex's ass with both hands. Standing against the glass wall in the elegant office, fucking Lex hard and fast, closing his eyes as Lex licked along the bridge of his ear, sucked on his earlobe. Dean turned his head and sucked on the side of Lex's neck, wanting to mark him so that nobody would doubt that Lex was taken now. Nobody.


27th-Jun-2010 09:58 pm (UTC)
The HQ of Awesomeness is producing some good stuff. I am not a Dean fan. (Never watched Supernatural - yes, I know, I'm not normal)So my only interaction with him is as Jason Teague. Love how you brought Clark into the story and tied up the Jason/Dean resemblance. I'm also thrilled that you've written a story with enough side explanations the non-Supernatural followers get a gist of what happened to Dean and why he is the way he is. Lovely stuff from HQ.
28th-Jun-2010 12:56 am (UTC)
Eee, my Maigie!! *glomps*

Thanks so much, my dear! Lex/Dean sure isn't a very popular pairing, but I like them anyway! *g*

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment! I'm glad it worked for you!

HQ is filled with love now, yay!!!

28th-Jun-2010 06:04 am (UTC)
I thought Dean/Cas was becoming my favorite pairing in fandom. But this certainly has... potential. We are getting more of this right? I need more Lex/Dean now and clearly it's your fault, so now you're obligated to fill my need for it. ;) Also, a little sister or brother for Lenny would be awesome. I like this ending for Dean better anyway. -K:)
31st-Jul-2010 10:23 am (UTC)
Hee! There will be more, I just have to transcribe it now!!

Thanks, babe, I'm glad you like them together, yay!
28th-Jun-2010 06:35 am (UTC)
OH YEAH!!! the more you write LexDean..the more I love them!! and Lenny...so cuuute! <3
31st-Jul-2010 10:25 am (UTC)
Eeeee!! Thanks, sweets!!

28th-Jun-2010 02:24 pm (UTC)
The intensity of Lex/Dean is amazing. There is so much potential for an entire verse based on these two characters. Once again, excellent work. Love you, my dear.
31st-Jul-2010 10:29 am (UTC)
Oh, betrothed, thanks so much for your kind words! Love you!

And I agree that they're very intense! Such passionate boys full of issues! ♥
28th-Jun-2010 10:36 pm (UTC)
Perfection! Parent lex is awesome. I also really like the pacing of these fics.
31st-Jul-2010 10:32 am (UTC)
Thanks, babe! You just know that Lex will be a Mother Hen to the tenth power, yeah? Hee!

29th-Jun-2010 02:34 am (UTC)
This is very sweet. Dean has wanted a family, a home, so much. And now he has one.♥

Dean could hardly be blamed for crashing his mouth against Lex's and pushing Lex against the tiled wall, hard.
I definitely don't blame him!
31st-Jul-2010 10:35 am (UTC)
Eee! Late on replies but I'm getting there! Thanks so much, Tas darling, I'm so happy you like it!!

29th-Jun-2010 05:05 pm (UTC)
Poor broken Dean. Sam being dead breaks my heart.
Lex and Lenny will hopefully help him heal and move on.

Hmmmmmm now I love the idea of Lex having tatoos against posessions. Dean so should hook him up with a couple. *nodnodnodnod*

And god father Clark is adorable!
31st-Jul-2010 10:38 am (UTC)
I think that Lex should get himself a tat, also!

Yay! Thanks, babe!!

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